Blitzscaling game studios through
IP and blockchain

Shared Economy

Decentralised Gaming Ventures

We are a pioneering Web3 game venture builder revolutionising the publishing model in gaming through true digital ownership.

We transform the go-to-market of game studios by integrating IPs and empowering fan contribution to game development.

Our Model

The DGV strategy is rooted in the harmonious convergence
of three parts, forming a cohesive framework that drives
our vision forward.

IP Owners
IP Owners become an integral part of our collaborative journey with the indie studios. Every element of the games we bring to life is crafted around the IP’s distinct narrative. Through skillful tokenisation, we unlock the full potential of these beloved IPs while embracing the power of blockchain technology to grant gamers genuine ownership.
Game Studios

There are countless game makers in the industry, and our knack for discovering them is second to none. As trusted partners and fellow creators, we stand by game studios, providing guidance and unwavering support throughout the entire IP collaboration process. By embracing the spirit of co-development and IP collaborations, game studios can now demonstrate the distinctiveness of their game engines, taking their creations to unparalleled heights

We build games together with our gaming community to ensure increased chances of market success. Our gaming community has the unique opportunity to participate in the game development journey, investing in its creation and contributing to its design direction before it hits the market. This dynamic collaboration not only kickstarts the game’s marketing process but also allows the studios to generate revenue before its official release.

Our Work


Backed by 13 VCs, the inevitable tokenization of the gaming industry is a vision we all share. DGPals places a strong emphasis on the three key aspects: interoperability, multi-genre and multi-chain.

Be a part of history by holding a DGPals gaming NFT, playing the games, building up your equity in the ecosystem, interacting with developers on the DGPals game incubator (AKA DGPlatform), and participating in a DAO-like community to help game makers build fun and lasting IPs.

Project Milestones

Cargo Studio

A Singapore-based Indie Games Incubator, founded by a group of passionate veteran game developers and entrepreneurs who have many years of experience in the games industry. Our mission is to equip game makers with the skills and resources needed to ship games and run an independent game studio.

2 years in business
8 teams incubated
32 participants
11 gaming projects
4 mobile titles
2 PC titles
5 tabletop game titles

Project Milestones

Successfully launched 2 mobile games on iOS and Android

Raised more than 100% funding on Kickstarter for 2 Tabletop games

Participated in 4 major events in Singapore

Meet The Team

Meet our team of serial entrepreneurs, advisors
and production committee

Core team

Samson Oh

Founder of Gosu Gamers & Dynamite Games

Derrick Sim

Chief Operating Officer and Former General Manager of SEA at Scopely

Joseph Young

Chief Investment Officer and Former Head of SEA at HASHED Forbes Contributor

Kit Lau

Co-founder of Cargo Studio

Jonathan Kay

Founder and CEO of Undercurrent

Mike Knott

Founder and CEO of Messina and AlgoFoundry

Core Advisors

Rainel Tan

General Manager of BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia

Chris Tran

Head of eSports of Riot Games Southeast Asia

Jun Park

Senior Associate and Gaming Lead at HASHED

Kenneth Oh

Senior Partner at Dentons

Our Strategic Investors

Our Trusted Partners